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Practical Methods for Teaching Math Facts and Number Sense, Grades K-3

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Gale Pukall shares a wealth of practical strategies and hands-on lessons to teach basic math facts and strategies to students in grades K-3. While the focus is on teaching number sense and key K-3 math strategies, other areas addressed in the seminar include problem solving and algebra. This is an exciting and fast-paced seminar with dozens of ideas that help your students gain important skills and master math basics.

Included: four compact discs and a comprehensive resource handbook

Available on Compact Disc

Here's what you'll learn:

  • numerous ways to create a math-rich environment using current children’s literature, graphic organizers and math journals
  • effective ways to go beyond rote memorization and increase your students’ number sense
  • new ideas for whole class and small group activities
  • simple steps that parents can use at home to help their children learn math facts
  • innovative ideas that increase your students’ ability to write about their mathematical thinking
  • practical techniques that strengthen the use and understanding of math language and skills
  • dozens of hands-on lessons you can use to strengthen your K-3 students’ grasp of basic addition and subtraction facts
  • developmentally appropriate strategies for students in grades K-3 that will increase their computational skills
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