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Instructional Strategies that Enhance Student Learning in Block Schedules, Grades 6-12

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Block scheduling gives educators the gift of longer instructional periods, time to explore information and an opportunity to deal with complex concepts. Block scheduling also presents secondary level teachers with a real challenge: how to keep students engaged and productive throughout the extended time periods. 

This PD Resource Kit takes participants inside secondary classrooms where outstanding educators are using innovative instructional strategies to capture the attention and guide the learning of their students.

PD Resource Kit
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*Includes a comprehensive facilitators guide, DVD video clips and PD resources

Learn how to:

  • incorporate movement, hands-on learning, imagery, and student interaction into block schedule instruction
  • deepen students' understanding of key objectives in your curriculum
  • constructively challenge your students to apply many of their talents in the production of high quality work
  • increase students' responsibility for their own learning
  • maximize the value of your extended time periods by establishing expectations for higher levels of thinking
  • address the multiple intelligences of your students by using a variety of strategies within each class period
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