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Word Work Strategies That Strengthen Students' Reading Development, Grades K-2

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In this PD Resource Kit you will see experienced teacher and national trainer, Judy Lynch, use engaging instructional techniques to introduce, demonstrate and practice word solving strategies. The strategies are simple yet highly effective at moving children from understanding concepts about words to becoming independent readers who use word solving strategies as tools.

PD Resource Kit
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*Includes a comprehensive facilitators guide, DVD video clips and PD resources

Learn the following word solving strategies:

  • What is a word? bolsters early-emergent readers' understanding of print
  • Get my mouth ready focuses emergent-level readers on beginning sounds
  • When students learn to look across the word, they learn to pay attention to more than initial letters
  • Asking "What do I know?" helps students look for parts of words they recognize
  • Teaching young readers to chunk the word results in word solving by analogy
  • Developing-level readers can look into the word when faced with multisyllabic words
  • "What other sound can I try?" acknowledges the complexity of the English language and alerts near-fluent readers to the need for flexibility as they read.

Learn how to:

  • help students internalize key word solving strategies
  • base classroom word work instruction on a well researched word learning continuum
  • match word work lessons to students' literacy needs, from the emergent to the near-fluent level
  • use word sorts to enhance students' thinking about word elements
  • establish a core of sight words to boost students' reading fluency and comprehension
  • coach young readers in ways that encourage and extend their ability to self-monitor and self-correct
  • engage students in active word learning through small group, whole class and individual literacy activities
  • strengthen students' reading independence
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